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We are an Hardware based information technology organisation focused on ScanningMachines , Printers , Laser Cutting and Engraving products and solutions.


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Innovative Enterprise from 1998 are famous amongst the
esteemed IT, Distributor and Trader, Imaging, Printing,
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Our dedicated team of 40 professionals has been with our clients for about two decades delivering AAA solutions and services which encourage them to continue a strong business relationship with Innovative year after year. Innovative is well placed to enter in new areas of related business verticals & our customers as well as our business constituents can look forward to lot of rollouts in every single year.

What we do

A One-Stop-Shop for laser machines

Founded in 1998, Innovative E-tech is a company of passionate, dedicated people. Our mission is to redefine the standard for laser engraving and cutting machines, propelling this high-tech industry to new heights.


Our Vendor Base

The top suppliers in the sector have helped us out. We have a solid relationship with them since we keep things close in our business dealings. Additionally, the offered printers are expertly made employing cutting-edge technology. Additionally, they are involved in offering printers a customized solution in accordance with quality requirements and industry regulations.

The vendors are selected based on the following factors:


Our Client Base

Innovative E tech

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We are always up for new partnerships and exploring new strategies to support the expansion and success of businesses.

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Rajiv Mehta


We at Innovative E tech are always looking for Collaboration Opportunities

Mr. Rajiv Mehta, the company's director, has almost two decades of experience in the real estate industry. For his entrepreneurial abilities, Mr. Mehta has won numerous awards. He has been a promoter for the company from its start. He is in charge of the company's entire operations and plays a key role in the company's strategic decision-making. In addition, Mr. Mehta is a very active investor in businesses with a tech focus.

We are an experienced investor in tech startups and the real estate field.
Open for collaboration
We are always open for new opportunities in every fields