The Goal of Developing CM series laser equipment is to fully Exert the machine’s motion control capability and to further improve the processing quality. The ternet of serving for the field processing is emphasized of every aspects, whatever the software designing, mechanical structure, electrical performance or the selection of accessories. Quality management system has been fully executed in the production. Three major indicator of stability, Precision and speed can represent the first class in the world. We keep improving CM series and it has been become the best carrier of laser processing, a new method in the industrial field.

Yueming Laser 80W 100W
Cutting Engraving Cutting Engraving
Rubber 4mm 2mm 5mm 3mm
Plastic 3mm 1.5mm 4mm 2.5mm
Acrylic 2mm 0.2mm 3mm 0.2mm
Leather 2mm 0.3mm 3.5mm 0.5mm
Tiles Nil 0.3mm Nil 0.35mm
Wood 4mm 1.5mm 6mm 2.5mm
Paper 2mm 0.2mm 3mm 0.2mm

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