The target of new designed CMA series lasers is to substantially improve machine’s stability during long term fast running, increasing its processing efficiency and have prefect outcome. The software design, mechanical structure design, ergonomic design and spare parts selection all comply with the latest international standards. The machine weight is 30% heavier than the same model in old version, single unit cost of equipment increases 10%. Han’s Yeuming laser do not pursue the lowest cost, always insist on adapting all kinds of rigorous industrial environments. Under Han’s Yeuming’s TQM, the new designed CMA series lasers’ stability, accuracy and processing speed is able to meet the world first class laser equipment design standards.

Yueming Laser 80W 100W
Cutting Engraving Cutting Engraving
Rubber 4mm 2mm 5mm 3mm
Plastic 3mm 1.5mm 4mm 2.5mm
Acrylic 12mm 1.5mm 15mm 3.5mm
Leather 2mm 0.3mm 3.5mm 0.5mm
Tiles Nil 0.3mm Nil 0.35mm
Wood 4mm 1.5mm 6mm 2.5mm
Paper 2mm 0.2mm 3mm 0.2mm

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