The new generation xTool rotary attachment is the world’s first 4-in-1 rotary engraving module not only for normal cylinders but also for extra-long objects, irregular cylinders, balls, and rings. Whether it’s a wine glass, yeti tumbler, baseball bat, ring, ball, or mug, the RA2 Pro will satisfy all your imagination.

Selling points :

  1. 4-in-1 rotary engraving module
  2. High speed vector engraving
  3. Easy-to-use with precision and stable performance
  4. Perfectly compatible system


Specification :

Specifications RA2 Pro
Pattern types Image / Line / Text
Product Size 261*138*93.5 mm(without support)

321*138*105mm (with support)

Package Size 460*182*95mm
Package Weight 2.33kg
Compatible with xTool D1/M1 and other laser engraver
Gear ratio Chuck 4:1
Chuck diameter 50mm
Engrave diameter range Roller: 3mm-198mm
Chuck: 0mm-100mm
Sphere: 25mm-100mm
Ring: 11mm-70mm
Structural Type Chuck Rotary, Roller Rotary, Sphere-Engraving Module, Ring-Engraving Stud
Software Laserbox basic


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