WideTEK® 44 and WideTEK® 48 wide format CCD scanners digitize documents up to 44 or 48 inches wide (1118 or 1220 mm) quietly and at astonishingly fast speeds. These CCD devices are perfect for large format scanning in offices or for production service providers scanning high volumes.

WideTEK® 44/48 gently scans due to special transport rollers that serve as pressure points ensuring safe document transport. For historical and fragile documents, this is critical. The new, unique background drum does not touch the glass plate at any time, avoiding scratches and document skews. To achieve extra contrast on sepias and film based documents, the standard black drum can be easily exchanged with a white drum, with no tools

State of the art illumination using bright white LEDs guarantees along lifetime and low cost of ownership, since there are practically no consumables necessary over the life of the product. Cutting edge camera technology, with a dust-protected, fully sealed camera box holding CCD systems that use a patented stitching procedure, delivers a scanner resolution of up to 1200 dpi.

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