The xTool M1 is a laser cutter, laser engraver, and blade cutter, all integrated into one desktop machine that is remarkably safe and easy to use. Whether for the crafter, the geek, the home user, the amateur or the professional, the xTool M1 can help you create more than you imagine.

Selling Points :
  1. 2 technologies into one desktop machine to allow more creativity​
  2. Excellent performance with innovative laser technology​
  3. Easy-to-use software
  4. Visual operation assisted with camera
  5. Diverse materials and products to work with
  6. An innovative machine that is safe to use
  7. Support for cylindrical engraving
  Size and weight
Package size 250*168*71mm
Weight 1.06 kg
  Working Mode
Multi-position adjustment 3-50mm/45-60mm/60-70mm  (0.12”-1.97”/1.77”-2.36”/2.36”-2.76”)
Rotatable engraving pattern types Image / Line / Text
Rotary engraving diameter 3-70mm(0.12”-2.76”)


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